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New: CD-welding

We invested in a capacitor discharge welding system ( CD welding). The capacitor charged with high current can deliver its energy very quickly and very precisely during welding.

As a result, only little heat is produced at the welding point and the welded connection is combined without additional material.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Low heating of the components, thus little distortion
  • Connection of very different material thicknesses possible
  • Connection of sheet metal and wire components possible
  • Connection of sheet metal parts without welding bends
  • Joints of different weldable materials ( e.g. copper with steel)
  • Checking and documentation of welding results possible
  • Please pass this information on to your design department

Are you open to give this technology a go? Please don’t hesitate to ask us for a non-binding offer. We also provide to carry out test welds.

Your contact partner is:

Rolf Huhn (Sales Manager)
: 0761 2089 28-21
Mobile: 0171 78 66 899

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